Week 17 Winners - Billy & Matt!

BK and Two Fish tie the final week. That propels Matt out of his tie with Tim. And that's all she wrote. Lemon Drop took the lead in Week 2 and never looked back! It was a domination through the first 10 weeks, then cruise control for the win. In other news, LOTW ends in a 6-way tie. That's how "last man standing" leagues go.

Well it was another fun year! Now it's playoffs, Superbowl, then waiting to see if the Vikings can get Johnny Football!! Skol Vikings!

Week 17

Well, Buck didn't have all his picks in in time, so here's your 8:30 edition of NFL w/ g. ***Spoiler Alert*** BK and Matt win!

Week 16 Winners - Buck & Megan!

Ten Dimes and Meggles take the cake with 11 wins each. Finally that one blonde chick got on the board. It's taken a while, huh? She asked if she could pick the song because Buck already won one, but this isn't a charity. That being said, she won the tiebreaker, so I guess I'm her friend in a low place. Congrats Buck and Meg! One week left to catch Gwen!

Week 16

Let's get week 16 going and look at picks. Unanimous: Broncos, Chiefs, Seahawks, Lions, Chargers, and 49ers. Solo: Sam with Tampa Bay. Duplicate: Gwen (45) = Matt (42) and Karen (48) = Kremer (48). Crikey...even the same tiebreaker. Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winner - Laura!

LA Woman reels in her first victory! She was the only one to hit double digits. Gwen puts her lead back at 5 picks. With two weeks to go, she'd really have to jump the shark not to win. I mean it's pretty much guaranteed! Seriously, there's nothing Gwen could do to not win short of quitting. In other news, Gayle, Gwen, Kremer, and Megan are knocked out of LOTW part 2. Speaking of Megan...looking at the leader board, there's now only one name without a win. Hmm....tick tick tick. And let's not forget about Sam. I know it's easy to forgot the person in The Cellar. Anyway...congratulations, Laura! I feel good!

Week 15

Week 15 is underway! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Denver (oops), Seattle, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Detroit. Solo: Billy with Buffalo, Gayle with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh, and Buck with Green Bay. Duplicates: Gwen (46) = Karen (52) = Kremer (48), Matt (42) = Tim (48), and Megan (48) = Sam (47). Wow! What a week we have in store! Skol Vikings!

Week 14 Winner - Tim!

The Savage Southpaw strikes again! 13 wins was enough to pull out a victory. Gwen had a really rough week only getting 8 right. With 3 weeks to go, she has a 4 pick lead over Matt and Tim. Is she hearing footsteps??? In other news, Sam remains alone in The Cellar, and we have two young ladies that have three weeks to try to not get shut out for the year. There is some excitement building as we head into the home stretch. The heat is on!

Week 14

It's a snowy day here and in Baltimore for the Vikings game. Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Patriots, Chiefs, Steelers, Broncos, and Saints. Solo: Gayle with the Vikings and 49ers and Megan with the Rams. Duplicate: Karen (44) = Kremer (50) and Matt (42) = Sam (56). If BK gets his remaining 15 picks right, he ties Tim. If Buck gets his remaining 15 picks right, he also ties Tim. Skol Vikings!

Week 13 Winners - Billy & Karen!

BK and K-Sand top the charts with 13 wins apiece. This pops them both up 2 spots to T-4. Gayle was the only one that didn't get to double digits and subsequently dropped 3 places. Sam one win edge over Laura leaves her all alone in The Cellar. There are four weeks to go for our two young ladies to get their first win.....can they manage? Matt couldn't gain on Gwen as she holds her 5 pick lead. BK won the tiebreaker. Can I get a TOOT TOOT?!

Week 13

Here we go! No more byes, 16 games per week. Can anyone catch Gwen? Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Lions (woo!), Cowboys (woo!), Panthers, and Patriots. Solo: Sam with the Titans, Gayle with the Rams, and Buck with the Chiefs. Duplicate: none! Laura can't win, however, as if she gets the last 13 picks right, Matt wins. If Tim aces the remaining games, he ties Matt and Megan. Skol Vikings!

Week 12 Winner - Matt!

Two Fish logs his fourth win of the year! This week was, shall we say, rough? Matt was the only one to get over 50%. BK dropped 3 spots in the rankings with a marvelous 4-win performance. Gwen still has a 5-pick lead. Laura and Megan are still winless with the former joining Sam in The Cellar. This might have been the week to catch Gwen as she stumbled, but while she tripped over a rope way ahead of us, when we got there we jumped it but forgot about the low ceiling. Yes, that's a stretch for a metaphor, but oh well. Congrats on the win, Matt! That's that lovin' sound!

Week 12

Here we go! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Saints, Lions, and Texans. Solo: Sam with Chargers, Danny with Jets, BK with Dolphins, and Gayle with Redskins. Duplicate: Karen (45) = Kremer (48). Skol Vikings!

Week 11 Winner - Tim!

And Savage Southpaw finally puts one in the win column! 12 victories lands him in the top spot for the week. Gwen still maintains her stranglehold on first place. Sam is now comfy cozy all alone in The Cellar. It seems we're now just down to two young ladies that haven't been able to ring the bell. Hmm...tick tick tick. Congratulations, Tim! Here's your moon dance!

Week 11

Hey everybody! Let's see what picks have in store for us this week. Unanimous: Lions, Eagles, Cardinals, Bengals, Seahawks, and Broncos. Solo: Gwen with Titans (oops) and 49ers and Danny with the Packers. Duplicates: Buck (43) = Sam (50). That's all for now. Skol Vikings!

Week 10 Winners - Gwen & Matt!

Lemon Drop and Two Fish tally another win! That's 5 for Gwen. Half. Half of the weekly competitions have been at least partially Gwen's. HALF! Matt won the tiebreaker again, so he's saying, "Everybody have a good time!" In other news BK won LOTW - the first winner not named Danny. That's all for this week! HALF!!

Week 10

Let's get things going and look at picks! Unanimous: Titans, Colts, Seahawks, and Broncos. Solo: Gayle with Oakland, Buck with Carolina, and Tim with Dallas. Duplicate: none! At best, Gayle can tie Matt, and Karen can tie Matt and Megan. Laura, however is eliminated as if she get's all of her remaining picks right, Matt wins! Hahahaha. Skol Vikings!

Week 9 Winners - DK, Gwen, Matt, & Sam!

Lt. Dan, Lemon Drop, Two Fish, and Mr. Emoticon light the lamp with 8 wins, with Matt getting the kill with the tiebreaker. The rest of us struck out with poor showings. All single digits is kind of a gutter ball. Maybe a double-double is in store for week 10. It's love-love starting next week, so congrats, you four! Everyone gets a mulligan next week! Yay sportsball!!! (oh yeah...and DK is knocked out of LOTW for the first time EVER!)

Week 9

Week 9 is under way! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Carolina, Dallas, New Orleans, Seattle, New England, and Green Bay. Solo: Tim with Miami (woo!) and Buffalo, Gwen with Philadelphia and Houston (two solos again??). Duplicate: BK (52) = Karen (48) = Kremer (46) = Laura (48) [less DK, these are the same copycats as last week], Buck (41) = Megan (52), and DK (52) = Matt (45). We're gonna need a tiebreaker this week it seems. In other news, the Commish was eliminated from LOTW on Thursday. Another one bites the dust! On top of that the best she can do this week is tie Tim. That's all for now! Skol Vikings?

Week 8 Winner - Buck!

And Ten Dimes takes it home with 12 wins! But that's just the tip! This moves him out of The Cellar, which is now occupied by Megan and Sam. Gwen still holds her four pick lead. In honor of his passing, Buck has chosen Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side". Doo doodoo doo doo doodoo doo.

Week 8

Howdy everybody! Let's take a look at picks. Unanimous: 49ers, Chiefs, Patriots, Saints, Broncos, and Seahawks. Solo: Tim with Minnesota. What a homer! Duplicates BK (41) = DK (43) = Karen (52) = Kremer (43) = Laura (48). Yikes, that's a lot! Now we can finally take this song down! Skol Vikings!

Week 7 Winners - BK, Gwen, and Matt!

BK, Lemon Drop, and Two Fish win the week with a rough showing of 10 wins! The win bumps Matt up 2 places to T-9 and Gwen maintains her 4 win lead at the top over BK. Buck is still alone in The Cellar. Congrats to the winners, and especially Matt for winning the tiebreaker. Clap your hands! I know you're happy!

Week 7

Week 7 is on! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Seattle (yay!), Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, San Francisco, Kansas City, Green Bay, and Denver. Wow, that's a lot! Solo: Gwen with the Racists - err Redskins and the Jets, Sam with the Jaguars, and DK with the Rams. Duplicate: Billy (46) = Matt (35) and Gayle (47) = Karen (50) = Tim (45). Skol Vikings!

Week 6 Winner - BK!

Nearly a hundred percenter this week as BK racks up 14/15 wins! It wasn't even close, really. This jumps BK 4 spots up to T-2 with Kremer. Gwen still holds her lead by 4 wins. Matt lost 3 spots, and Karen dropped 2. Buck back to all alone in The Cellar. Everyone stayed safe in LOTW. Congrats, BK! How do you do it? It's a secret no one knows. No one knoooows. Mmm bop!

Week 6

Skol Vikings!

Week 5 Winners - Buck, DK, Gayle, & Kremer!

Ten Dimes, Lieutenant Dan, Commish, and Robohip came through with the win with a paltry 9! Rough week! Gwen holds her top spot by 3 picks. Now there is a three-way tie in The Cellar with Megan, Laura, and Buck. I know there is a bit of schadenfreude all around with Megan down in the dumps with what she did in the PGA pool. In other news, Matt, Sam, and Tim are out of LOTW! Only DK is unscathed. And just a reminder, he's the only person to have won LOTW. What the what? Now we hear the Commish roar!

Week 5

Week 5 is underway, and we can guarantee that the Vikings won't lose! Let's look at picks. Unanimous: Rams, Broncos, 49ers, and Falcons. Solo: Buck with the Bengals and Titans and Gayle with the Raiders. Duplicate: DK (36) = Kremer (41), Gwen (42) = Laura (48). And now the sad news: BK cannot win as the remaining 13 picks match Sam's. Megan (48) can only tie Karen (46) with Baltimore beating Miami.

Week 4 Winner - Gayle!

The Commish strikes it big with 13 wins on the week! It wasn't even close! This hurtles her 5 spots in the ranking to T-3. DK drove the struggle bus to only 8 wins. Gwen holds strong with a 4 win lead. Pretty good after a rough first week. I guess two consecutive wins help! Well, I guess the song choice for the week is a little ironic right after the shutdown, but hey, still gotta be proud to be an American!

Week 4

Hey everyone, let's get this going! This week's music is dedicated to DK being back in the USA! Now picks. Unanimous: Colts, Titans, Broncos, and Saints. Solo: DK with Oakland. Duplicate: none. I don't have much else because I have a golf tourney. Skol Vikings!

Week 3 Winner - Gwen!

Lemon Drop does it again! She is now only the second person to ever have back to back solo wins! Let's look at standings. Gwen's win now puts here alone in first place. DK, Karen, and Kremer dropped to second. Sam took the biggest nose dive, dropping 4 spots with only 5 wins in week 3. Buck is still alone in The Cellar. In other news, Buck and Laura are eliminated from Lock of the Week! Oh no! Another week is in the books, so let's get ready for next week!

Week 3

Week 3 is under way! Let's look picks! Unanimous: Saints, Patriots, Vikings, 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos. Solo: Tim with the Bengals and Sam with the Rams. Duplicate: Kremer (48) = Laura (48) - let's hope we don't have to go to a secondary tiebreaker! Good luck to everyone, and as always, Skol Vikings!

Week 2 Winner - Gwen!

Congratulations, Lemon Drop! You're awesome! I had a longer, more clever homepage typed up, but the servers failed me. There were rhymes, irony, and general awesomeness. Everything is good to go for next week, but I might be switching servers because of the latest development. Oh, well. Parking Lot Party!!!!!!

Week 2

Week 2 is upon us, so let's get right down to business! Unanimous picks: Patriots (woo!), Falcons, Eagles, Titans, Ravens, and Raiders. Solo picks: Gwen with Miami and Gayle with Washington and Pittsburgh. Duplicates: none again! Good luck to all. Skol Vikings!

Week 1 Winners - BK, Karen, Kremer, & Sam!

It's a four-way tie at 11 to kick off the first week! BK, K-Sand, Robohip, and Mr. Emoticon knew how to do it! Week 1 is in the books, and BK takes the tiebreaker. Can you say "World's Greatest"? That's all!

Week 1

Welcome back, everybody! It's fall. Summer's gone. It's time for football. It's time for NFL w/ g! Let's take a peek at picks! Unanimous: Patriots, Steelers, Buccaneers, and Colts. Solo: Megan with Baltimore (oopsy!) and Tim with Carolina. Duplicate: none! That's all for now. Let's get this thing started!